Evening Journal  Saturday May 21, 1910

This article is titled: A MONSTER SHARK.

A monster shark of the man-eating variety has been captured and killed in San Pedro Bay, California, by two Greek fishermen. This creature is claimed to be, without exception, the largest shark that had ever been caught.  After being killed and drawn out on the beach, the monster weighed 14,000 lb. It measured 32 ft. from tip to tip, and the circumference of the body just forward of the huge dorsal fin measured 15 ft.  Across the fearful mouth, horizontally, when opened, it was 2 ½ ft., while from the tip of the snout to the point of the lower jaw was 3 ½ ft.  While two men were engaged in fishing this shark became entangled in the immense netting, some 1,500 ft. long. 


At first, the monster cut the netting into strips, but could not extricate itself. The more frantically it strove to escape the more the shark became enmeshed. The strings and strong netting were wound around and around its gills during the creature's furious efforts to get away, until finally the powerful monster was held fast, a hopeless prisoner. It's anger knew no bounds, and the sea was lashed into foam by its struggles to escape. Then followed a long and desperate combat between the finny prisoner and the two resolute captors. The fight was waged furiously for more than an hour, during which time the men had many very narrow escapes from the fearful jaws of the monster, which had to be harpooned many times before it was killed.


Finally, the creature gave up the ghost, and was later, with great difficulty stranded. When cut open its huge stomach was found full of fish, for it was engaged in robbing the net when it became entangled—a victim of its own voracity.

Several years ago a very large shark was captured by fishermen under similar circumstances at Port Los Angeles, near San Pedro Bay,  and was then considered to be the largest shark ever killed.  It was 22 ft. long—just 10 ft. shorter than the one now reproduced, which, after being killed, was carefully skinned, stuffed, and placed on exhibition at Los Angeles. The photograph gives an exact picture of the great creature just as it appeared when stuffed—with the two youngsters sitting in its open mouth. Efforts have been made to purchase this specimen, and have it placed on permanent exhibition at one of the large museums.