Albury Banner and Wodonga Express (NSW)  Friday April 22, 1892

This article is titled: A MONSTROUS MONSTROSITY.

The New York Medical Association and all the M.D.'s of the great metropolis are agog over the appearance of a freak of the most startling nature. This monster, or monster?, is a full-grown man in the undisputed possession of three tongues, four chins, three cheeks, and three ears, one of the latter being as large as that of an elephant! Besides the three separate tongues mentioned (says the Australian edition of Discovery) this unexhibited freak has four smaller ones, which seem to be undeveloped from nothing but want of space. They are as perfect formation as the larger ones, but are so small (less than an inch in length) that they are not clined by the unfortunate possessor to be tongues at all. The man can speak plainly and fluently in three different languages.

He has four well-formed chins, the lower one being fully ten inches from the upper lip. The right side of his face is normal, but the left is divided into two separate cheeks. What the doctors consider the most wonderful of all this wonderful creature's makeup is the gigantic ear on the left side of his head. It hangs down like the ear of an elephant, measuring exactly 21in. from the crown to the lower end of the lobe. This mammoth ear is perfect in formation and use, with the exception of its size and the fact that the opening is about 10in. below the side of the head. This, the greatest of the nineteenth century human wonders is Juan Jose Antonia. He was born a slave in Jerusalem, of Arabian slave parents.

When he was 22 years of age he was stolen by a band of Arab slave dealers and taken into Egypt. They kept him for some months in Alexandria, and then took him to Mexico. From the last-named country he escaped, and finally landed in New York.

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