The Burrow News Friday, January 11, 1889

This article is titled: TWO PYTHONS ATTACK A BULL

One of the most remarkable scenes on record is reported us having been witnessed in the vicinity of Table Mountain. A troop of cattle, consisting of 12 cows and a patriarchal old bull, were grazing on one of the plateau-like spurs of the mountain, which is surrounded on three sides by precipitous -ravines and on the fourth side, that nearest the mountain, by dense bush. Some natives higher up the mountain were attracted by the sudden bellowing, of the cattle, and saw two enormous pythons coming out of the bush and making for the cattle, which had drawn themselves up in a compact group, with the bull at its head.  As the pythons drew near the animals gradually backed till they stood on a small space that jutted out over a tremendous precipice.

At this stage, a sudden rush was made, but only one heifer succeeded in escaping. The other cattle lowing in the most piteous manner gradually backed, and one by one fell over the precipice, till finally, the bull only was left.  He suddenly charged at the biggest python, transfixing the reptile on his horns, but the second snake seized the bull in his folds, and, having its tail around a huge boulder, commenced to crush the bull, which moaning piteously struggled frantically to escape. The tail of the python lost its hold of, the rock, but the larger snake, which had slipped off the horn, lapping its tail around a smaller boulder opposite the one the other snake had just released, seized the bull and compressed the animal in its scaly folds. The other python succeeded in regaining its former position and the bull was literally suspended in mid-air by the snakes. The whole scene looked like some ghastly triumphal arch. The snakes were evidently getting the best of the poor brute, which was bleeding profusely, when, by a sudden effort, |his struggles forced both reptiles to lose their hold of the rocks, and the whole three were hurled into the ravine beneath.

The cattle were found on the first ledge of the precipice, all being dead, but the bull and the pythons had bounded from ledge to ledge, and were found 400 feet. below the scene of the fight. The bull was merely, a mangled mass and the snakes were greatly mutilated, the larger one having the vertebrae broken in nine places. The pythons, which were of the rock species, were male and female, and measured respectively 40 feet 3 inches and 36 feet 10 inches.— Natal Witness.

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