The Gloucester Advocate  Tuesday,  August 1, 1939

This story is titled: Girls Adopted by Wolf. Amazing Indian Story

Professor R. Ruggles Gates, of King's College, London, revealed this week the amazing case of a she-wolf that adopted two baby girls left to die in an Indian jungle. One of Britain's most distinguished scientists, Professor Gates is making a special study of cases of adoption of humans by animals. 

Ten years ago the Rev. J. Singh, an Indian Christian missionary, was working among a primitive tribe in the jungles of Bihar, Northern India. The natives told him some incredible stories about a ghost wolf that haunted the jungle near the village. To discredit the story the missionary had a platform built up a tree so that he could keep watch. The first night the missionary kept watch a she-wolf came out from her den under a huge ant-hill. A little behind the wolf loped two strange little brown creatures.  At first, the missionary could not make out what the little brown creatures were. Then to his astonishment, he realized that the two "animals" were little native girls. One of them seemed to be about 7 or 8, the other a year or two younger. 

The missionary captured the girls and took them to an orphanage for Indian children. At first, they were unmanageable, They bit and snarled.  Patiently the orphanage staff tried to train the wild children. But the younger one could not get rid of her jungle ways.  After six months she pined and died. The elder child, however, gradually learned some human habits.  She was cured of biting and snarling. By placing her food on a high table she was taught to stand. But she still ate and drank like a wolf.

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