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Free business resources that will empower you to unlock the full potential of your business. Helps you to gain the foundational and operational knowledge and tools needed to develop or improve your business.

Available to every business, absolutely FREE.

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By Tom Riley

Are you trying to build and market your small business on a shoestring budget? You are not alone many entrepreneurs are short on cash. Luckily, we've got you covered. Free resources you can use to make your businesses run more efficiently—from the best free advertising sources to getting free professional business and accounting information and advice. These are amazing free tools and resources that will make the day-to-day growing of your business a whole lot easier. Free tools and resources that allow you to start or run a business on a shoe-string budget.


Starting up a business certainly comes with its perks and valleys: being your own boss, designing a life and career you love, and dedicating yourself to it. Having your own business can not only be stressful but can be expensive too. So, we've put together an extensive list of the most popular resources and software to help you navigate through the vast array of free resources that are out there.


Whether it's to help you get started on your business journey or to improve an existing one. You can now start your dream business with little to no money. We know for most, where starting a business is concerned, there never seem to be sufficient resources available.


To succeed today, you need to have sound business sense and a set of practical tools. There are many elements needed to start and run a successful business. Therefore, you need to equip yourself with the right resources that would help you sell more. Identify new opportunities. Create a strategic approach to management to increase efficiency. Improve processes to achieve the growth you desire.

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Clients & Customers "FREE"


Create beautiful surveys and forms ready for any platform.

Customer feedback software 

Asset Framework Accelerator datasheet

Customer Onboarding Template

Get access to dozens of "FREE" tools for client management, tasks and projects, customer support, internal communications and e-commerce.


Finance & Accounting "FREE"


Expense Report Tracking Software

Digital Asset Management Software

Annual Business Budget 

Download Project Budget Template 


Marketing "FREE"


9 Excel Marketing Templates 

The Ultimate Product Launch Planning Toolkit

SMART Marketing Goals with This Template


"FREE" Templates


Annual Operating Budget Manufacturing

Annual Operating Budget Services

Budget Summary Report Template

Business Budget Template

Business Trip Budget Template

Capital Budgeting Template

Cash Flow Budget Report Template

Channel Marketing Budget Template

Expense Budget Template

Event Budget Template

Rolling Business Budget and Forecast Template

Startup Budget Template

Targeted Budgeting Tool

3-Year Profit and Loss Projection Template


Social Media "FREE"


Social Media Audit Spreadsheet

Social Media Marketing Baselines

Blog Post Traffic Tracker

A weekly social media report


Sales "FREE"





Free CRM – Lead Scoring System

Free Accounting Software

• Free Public Relations Software

• Free One-Click Expense Reports in Real Time.
Free CRM and Project Management Software

Free Note Taking, Organizing and Archiving App

Free Web Automation App

Free Screen Recorder Software

Free Survey Tool

Free Communication Software

• Free Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing Technology

• Free App That Provides Feedback on Your Writing

• Free Online Networking Site that Helps you Organize or Attend Local Groups 

Free Graphic Design Images

Free Email Address Finder

Free Email Marketing

Free Customer Live Chat Software

Free POS Software for Small Retailers

Free Conference Calls

• Free Messaging App for Teams

• Free Landing Page Builder

Free Search Engine Analysis

• Free Stock Photos

Free Image Editing

• Free Images and Videos

• Free Fonts for Commercial Usage

• Free Headline Analyzer

• Free Writing Analyzer App

• Free Subject Line Evaluate Rating Tool 

Free Web Hosting

Free Fax

Free Video and Web Conferencing Service

• Free Screen Sharing, Unlimited Audio, and Video Conferencing

Free Convert Text to Speech

• Free Schedule Emails to Be Sent in the Future

Free Business Process Management Tool

Free Online Inventory Management

• Free Online Appointment Scheduling

Free Content Management System

• Free Email Application Software

Free Email Management and Deployment with Responsive Templates






Use these Traffic Methods to generate highly targeted traffic for FREE and never spend another penny on paid advertisements again!


Free Press Release Submission Sites


• Top 40 "FREE" Press Release Submission Sites


Free Microblogging Sites


• Top 20 "FREE" Microblogging Sites


Free Document Sharing Sites


 Top 10 "FREE" Document Sharing Sites


Free Guest Posting Business Sites 


• Top 10 "FREE" Guest Posting Business Sites


Free Directory Submission Sites


• Top 50 "FREE" Directory Submission Sites








Get Answers To Your Business Questions  "FREE"


Ask any business question and get an answer from experts. 

Answers on Start-ups. Get trusted advice on Start-ups from world-class network of experts and mentors.


Get Answers To Your Accounting Questions  "FREE"

Ask any business accounting question and get an answer from experts.


Slideshare PowerPoint Presentations  By Tom Riley


• Developing An Optimal Success Strategy
• How To Re-Boost Your Business?
• The Concept Of Leverage.
• How To Maximize Your Tax Deductions?


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