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The Australian Worker (Sydney, NSW)   Wednesday, March 21, 1934

This article is titled: INDIA HAS CANNIBALS.

Cult Encourages Practice of eating Human Flesh.

The authorities in India are much concerned over the discovery that cannibalIsm exists there.

A few months ago, in the province of. Sindh, in Northern India, inhabitants of a village were surprised to find sitting in a tree a, solitary human figure, stark naked and shunning, all company.

The credulous village folk believed the man to have supernatural powers and offered him food and other things to appease the evil spirit in him. But he would not accept anything.

Evidently, the man was not starving; But none knew on what diet he subsisted.  The police were informed, and a party of armed men was sent out to capture him. He was brought to the police station with his hands and feet manacled.


This man could not speak a word of any language.  It appeared that he had left dealings with society for many years. He used to live upon human corpses by digging fresh graves where dead bodies were buried.  He then showed a cave, deep in the neighboring jungles, which contained fragments of decomposed human flesh and dry bones.

The case against this man is at present going on.  Only recently a Mohammedan fakir was arrested in. Lahore on a charge of kidnapping a child, strangling it: to' death, then roasting it on a fire in the jungle and eating its flesh. This fakir used to catch his prey near school playgrounds.

These cases of cannibalism are not exceptions or freaks in India. There existed a cult, and in Northern India, it obviously still exists, which encouraged the practice of eating human flesh. The idea was that if a man ate the brains of another man he would be endowed with supernatural powers, and that once he was endowed with supernatural powers he could have all his wishes granted; he could vanquish his enemy and turn dust into gold.

It especially advised its followers to eat the brains of children, since their brains are supposed to be taintless and therefore the best.

That this cult has a large following: is obvious. The authorities are now making plans to stamp it out.

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