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Free Internet For Life

Will the high price of the internet force you to drop their service?

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By Tom Riley


This article features a new process by Thio Joe, who states that you too can receive free and fast internet by following the simple steps outlined in his video. 


New Methods and technology is a threat to many industries be it legal or not. Some industries had become redundant due to these procedures.  These powerful new technologies and methods are destroying both jobs and industries. As new Methods and technology are increasingly adopted it not only affect manufacturing, clerical, and retail work and other professions such as law and financial services but also expanding their reach in the services we receive.

In my many years of writing, I've never had an article to generate so much interest.
Due to the fact that, for many people, high-speed home internet service is a significant monthly cost. Availability and price vary widely between locations, but many people pay as much as $100 or more a month for high-speed internet.
Most notably, a survey of U.S. broadband subscribers by Morgan Stanley found that cable internet prices have already risen by $7 per month over the last year, reaching an average of $66 per month.  The escalation of internet pricing will continue to get much worse. Analysts say Internet Companies, quickly adapting to this new reality, will keep jacking up internet prices to make sure your monthly bill stays sky-high. They said this is the only way to keep shareholders happy.


Reducing Your Internet Bill


According to experts, the best way to reduce your Internet bill is to stop renting your router or modem from your internet provider.  Many providers will set up your service through an internet router or modem that's placed in your home, then charge you rent on that device.


Routers are universal and can be used with any internet service provider. Modems are a slightly different story.


First, you need to make sure the modem’s compatible with your internet provider.


Once you’ve settled on a compatible modem, consider buying a used or refurbished model. You’ll save even more money and lose little to nothing in terms of performance. Just make sure you’re clear on the return policy should you have any issues.


Buying a modem and router will increase your upfront costs, but lower your monthly internet bill. Internet providers typically charge $10 to $15 per month to lease an all-in-one modem and router. So, over two years, you'll pay $240 to $360.


Instead of paying rent on your router or modem, simply examine that piece of equipment, figure out what model it is and buy one yourself. They're usually quite inexpensive  –  and easy to set up if you follow the guide. Once you have your own equipment in place, return the rental equipment to your internet service provider and have that line removed from your bill. This can easily save you as much as $20 a month.


The guide below, lay out the pros and cons and facts that will help you decide if you’re better off renting or buying the Internet equipment.


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