Sunday Times Sunday November 10, 1929


This article is titled: THE GREAT DANE




This is a perfectly true story about two dogs, one a big one, a Great Dane, called Micky, and the other, a small dog, a fox terrier, called Prince, The two dogs belonged to the same owner and lived "at Leigh,-and when workmen were making a little cement wall on the side of the Canal the dogs would often play near. One day they were having a great game on the bank when suddenly Prince fell into the canal with a big splash. He fell a long way, for at this point the bank was high and steep, and poor Prince could not climb out again. The workmen leaned over the wall and tried to persuade him to come near- enough for them to help him out, but he was too frightened. He swam round and round close by the bank. Presently the men saw that he was becoming weaker and they knew that if he were not saved soon he would drown. The Great Dane, who was only, 13 months old, but very wise, must have realized it, too, for he leaned over to his utmost stretch and the next time Prince made a stroke nearer the bank he seized his collar in his teeth. It was easy to drag the terrier to the side but although he tried hard. Micky had not the strength, holding him that way, to haul him out. Then a wonderful thing happened.


Prince had got his paws on the coping now so that all the weight did not fall on Micky. The Dane put his paws over Prince's for a second, to keep him from falling back, let go of the collar and then quickly seized it again In such a way that he had greater hold of it. Then, with a sudden fling, he tossed the terrier on to the bank. Prince Shook himself and licked Micky's legs several times, and then the two ran off as if nothing had happened. The workmen were amazed, not only at Micky's courage, but at his great Intelligence. If he had not realized just how he could save Prince, certainly poor Prince Would have been drowned.



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